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Forest Road

WAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has been dedicated to making mountain biking a reality in our small community since 2016.


We live here, and we ride here. Through

building and maintaining trails, hosting rides and events, and running a free bike repair station at the farmer's market, we hope to build a strong local mountain bike community.

We are 100% volunteer-run, and we could use your help. 


We're always looking for volunteers for trail work days, as well as folks that would like to volunteer their skills & services. Do you like office work, or building websites? Want to help plan an event, or join our Board?? We will take you up on it!

Please contact if you'd like to get involved.

Join the mailing list HERE, if you would like us to keep you posted.

Join WAC! The more members that we have, the larger our voice, and the more we can accomplish. 


We are an IMBA local chapter and a CAMTB member organization. For just $40 annually, or $5 monthly, you are supporting all 3 of these great mountain bike organizations. If you're feeling extra generous, there are a few higher levels of support (where they throw in a pair of socks to sweeten the deal!!)

100% of monetary donations go directly toward our mission, and are tax deductable.


You can donate online through Paypal Giving Fund


You can donate through TrailForks' "Trail Karma"


Also,  Amazon will donate a small % if you shop through and enter Willits Area Cyclists as your charity. If you are going to support them, at least stick it to the man, and make them support us.

Brooktrails Greenbelt Trail Map

Greenbelt Beginner Zone-page-001.jpg

Current Project

WAC was approved, and is currently planning and fundraising for a "beginner trail zone" of easy to access, short, loop-able trails on a little hill at the core of the Brooktrails Greenbelt network, near the Par Course.

There will be a loop trail that's mellow and fun in either direction, a climb trail that will get you up to the good stuff, and several descent

trails from the hill’s peak back down to the outer loop that will offer varying experiences and character. 

This new 3 miles of trail will offer up more approachable options than the steep and technical stuff in Brooktrails, and will (hopefully) be fun for riders of all levels.

WAC is looking for financial sponsors to make this all happen. From local businesses and individuals - to mega bike companies... if you would like to support local outdoor recreation, get a bunch of publicity, receive a big tax write off, and even get to name a trail, we would like to chat. Email

To donate directly to this project, click the button below.

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Our supporting organizations:

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Willits Redwood Logo.gif

Trailforks has been a great resource for WAC. We use their stuff for mapping, planning, seeing trail popularity data, and posting trail issues.

You should check out Trailforks as well. The phone app is free to get all of the local trail info and map (with GPS location). The pro version gives you the data for trails all over the world, making it easy to explore trails away from home. 

We highly recommend getting out and riding different trails. We also recommend using the link over there if you are thinking about getting a Trailforks Pro subscription. You will get a discount, and we will get a $5 donation. Win / win!

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